So you’re an inbetweener? Life Apre’s Uni!

So you’ve left Uni, you’ve moved back in with your parents and life is well pretty bloody shit.

You have reached the point where the novelty of a never ending tap of Tropicana and showers that don’t scald and freeze you at the same time, isn’t so blissfull anymore. But most of all you would swap all your home comforts and mums cooking, for just one week back of pure freedom in your manky student house. I miss the fights over the toilet seat being covered in red hair dye, (so everyone that came to your house for pre-drinks thought someone had just had a really bad period and not cleaned it up properly) the disputes over what twat bought the mega, cheap bin liners, so you end up being covered in bin juice whilst you attempt to take the rubbish out. All these beautiful memories are fading off into the distance whilst we frantically try and get proper jobs and attempt to behave like normal adults.

We are stuck at that odd, middle part in our life, where you can’t afford to move out yet you have more money than your student pals and you don’t even get many opportunities to spend it. You’re that bore that can’t get completely rat arsed on saturday night as you have learn’t you really can’t handle the two day hangover at work on monday. You miss those mondays that never quite exsisted, at Uni you could just climb back into bed and say you would start your week on tuesday. I think I probably failed my monday unit but at least the world didn’t have to deal with my bitchy mood.

For all those graduates that are feeling awkward finding their feet in this world with hardly any jobs, and the prospect of independence is so far away. You are not alone! If you are questioning yourself in your new, grown-up job, so is everyone else I assure you! How are you suppose to know you want to be working in marketing or advertising or PR if you didn’t do a degree in it? And no just because your mum says do a graduate scheme and work as a recruitment consultant, don’t do it if it’s not what you want. I have been questioning my line of work greatly at this moment in time and thinking when I get paid why not pack it all in and take an early retirement (I have only been working for 3 months) and work as a fisherlady in mexico. The corporate working world is a scary place and its okay if you don’t think your ready for it. As I attempt to look out for the signs of how my life should be, I look around and see so many of my friends in the exact same situation.

Everyone has that drive and fire in their belly to succeed but how do we know if we’re heading down the right road? What is our sole purpose in life? To make babies? Because I don’t think I am quite ready for that either.

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