Let me eat my cake in PEACE!

One thing that is completely and utterly not okay is to tell someone how many calories they are about to put in their mouth. If your’re one of those people go and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and then go put your face in a Victoria Sponge.

I can completely understand the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, but what happened to those days when you were little, where all you wanted to do with your friends was stuff your face full of sweets and doughnuts, without a care in the world. Now I leave my friends wanting to vomit but thats usually because I’ve had a bottle of wine to myself. I miss the days of going down the corner shop with your 50p or if you were lucky £1 and getting so hyped up over strawbs and foamy bananas without any guilt and discussions of ‘OMG I am going to be so fat tomorrow’. Now it’s all about drinking smoothies that look like snot and walking around in lycra, and instagramming your dinner of one tiny poached egg on some almost non-exsistent toast. Does it make you truly happy?

My main question to my social media pals, what the bloody hell is fitspo? For some reason especially during the summer season we find it necessary to upload pictures of super toned, super bronzed, tiny women as ‘fitness inspiration.’ Or these big, tanned, muscly guys for male inspiration. Listen up ladies and gents those are models, and it’s important that if you want to work out and be healthy and fit its to make YOU a better YOU. Your body may naturally not be a size 6 or really muscly and that’s okay, don’t push it if it’s not! The constant comparisons we make to these models can shut us down and make us insecure. In modern society images of ‘perfect’ men and woman are constantly being plastered all over social media and shoved down our throats, with young teens being forced to be so heavily focused and paranoid about their image and aspire to look just like ‘Cara Delevingne’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds.’

Ask yourself when are you the most happiest? I think you might find its when you are relaxed and not worried about other people’s opinions. Life is about eating the richest food, being silly, exploring tastes and experiences, laughing and smiling. Look at those celebrities or ‘fitness inspiration’s’ do you think they ever sit down to a lovely meal with their friends and truly truly enjoy the food? I don’t think so.  So next time your tucking into a lovely plate of fish and chips or a giant slab of cake, don’t let it even cross your mind that its bad for you. Because really and truly its going to make you smile so it is good for you and give you that glorious feeling of being full and satisfied. Enjoy every last salty, tasty chip and last lick of icing because you bloody deserve it!

To all my lovely pals that do work out loads good on you I certainly don’t have the motivation and I put my hands up to you for getting out there everyday! But most importantly to everyone, push away those guilty feelings and enjoy yourself whether its a glass of wine, a giant chocolate cookie, chicken nuggets or just a nice slice of toast and jam everyone should be able to appreciate their lovely treat in peace.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves and make ourselves feel special. So run yourself a bath, pour yourself a drink and tuck into whatever takes your fancy.

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