Owning up to being Human. It’s okay to be a bit bonkers!

What brings out raw emotions from you? Those true burning feelings of happiness, of sadness, of passion and mad anger.

The media now rules our lives by who we connect to, it didn’t feel right the other day when I was watching a film and the pain I felt for a character was so real, it made me so deeply upset, how all I wanted was to help that person to hug them and look after them. I completely forgot for a moment that they weren’t talking to me, that I wasn’t a part of that film (which is amazing film making skills ) but it made me lose a sense of reality. Because at the end of the day these characters are fake, they aren’t real we spend hours watching a story that isn’t real, connecting and feeling emotions for characters that are simply just a made up human another human is playing. Through acting, and watching Television and Films you are wanting to be taken on a journey to be completely and utterly involved in another world, another storyline of a life that isn’t yours. Media is an escape its not reality. Being an actress myself I knew from the start I loved it, the chance to completely take on another person’s persona, their problems, their happiness and their own journey. I poured everything I could into my character because it was a chance to escape from myself.

How many hours a day do you sit at a computer staring at a screen? How many hours a week do you sit with your friends and socialise and enjoy each other’s company? How often are you building your own story, and leading that journey that you are supposed to make. Probably nowhere near enough time as you do by yourself infront of a screen. We put off building our own story by having the escape of media, a quick fix of someone else’s adventure. That is so much more thrilling and exciting and gives you that adrenaline and passion that maybe missing from your own life.

Human to human contact is where the real happiness is and most of all being in touch with yourself. To spend moments with others with no computer screen, television, iPhone and just you and that one other person talking, loving, smiling and laughing. You are in touch with your raw emotions of truth. It’s scary to wake up everyday and be fearful that you aren’t meeting the expectations that have been laid out for us. On social media all we are shown are photos of our friends or others having adventures, partying and in fantastic relationships and great jobs, no one posts photos of them crying or fighting or feeling worthless. They also don’t post those intimate moments between you and another human because those are the most raw, the most real, that shouldn’t be shared with the rest of the world.

We are shown happiness through all aspects of media in order to entertain but I feel we are fed so much of this fake happiness and excitement and the facade of our Facebook friends leading lives supposedly so much better than ours. That it shuts us down and makes us wish we were that other person. That one friend on Facebook or Instagram that looks like he/she has it all, you don’t know the sadness or stress they maybe going through. How many times have you asked someone to take a photo down or removed a post because you think you look ugly or fat or worried about what others will think when they see it? Everyone has painful parts of their life, everyone cries and worries.The comparisons we make to what we see of everyone else is wrong, you will never be someone else you are born as you. So be the best YOU that YOU can make of yourself. We must have the harsh realities in our life in order to appreciate the best and by fighting through those times it will make you stronger and learn.

It’s okay to fight, to cry, to go a bit bonkers because after all no one is perfect and by feeling all these emotions they make you human. So grab life by the BALLS.

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