Want some toonage? Music Reviewing Time!

In the words of Bob Marley himself, ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’

Has a song ever summed up exactly how you feel? that exactly what you want to say to someone, is said through lyrics and the melody of a track? If so you are not alone my friend! It’s amazing the emotional journey songs can take you on. That pumping adrenaline-fuelled feeling you get when you hear a heavy drum and bass track. The instant happiness and glow you feel when you listen to reggae. But most of all we use music when we’re emotional, to relate to.

In my eyes, music is a way of listening to feelings. My favourite thing to do is put on headphones and walk round London listening to music that I feel is the background to my life. I so wish there was someone beside me with speakers and my iPhone playing the exact tracks I was feeling at that moment in time, like a constant soundtrack to my life.

Track of the week: Kungs & Mozambo ft. Molly- To Describe You 

Now if your a lover of Kygo this is that kinda style! A truly uplifting track that instantly puts a smile on your face. The vocals are really soft, flowy and about how you can’t ever have the words to truly describe how you feel for that one special person. But the true part of the track are the wind instruments in the back that give you that pick me up. I’m a massive sucker for progressive tracks! When it breaks into the second verse the beat comes in properly and I promise you’ll start to have a little boogy. I’m really into tracks that have a summer feel, that you can imagine just jammin’ on a beach to with an ice cold corona in your hand! So expect a few tracks like this little number on my page. I found this track on the channel ‘The Vibe Guide’ which sounds a little bit like something a fist pumping essex boy would create but honestly they do have some good tracks on there. Give it a subscribe and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Artist of the week: Only Real 

The south-west London GEEZE is absolutely smashing it at the moment and I am mad excited to see he is doing a UK tour soon, so check him out of hes coming to a venue near you.

He also looks exactly like one of my mates Jack in disguise! He’s a groovy new take on a Jamie T sound, but completely has his own style, with a lot more rappy flows and an alternative edge. There is always something a little different in his music that stands out to me like he’s not scared to try different vocal styles that are a little wacky. His funkiness and music is completely for the current market right now and I can see this guy going far.

He brings his own quirky vibe to each track, with mad loopy lyrics that don’t make sense but if your a youngsta you can definietly connect to. If you watch the video to the track ‘Yesterday’s’ you can enter Only Real’s fruit loopy world and get the gist of his own style both musically and personally. The biggest beauty of Only Real is its just him, his music, his own inspirations and its all made in his bedroom. Proof to all those young musicians and producers look how utterly sick this guy and push yourself to get your sounds heard, just like he is.

Tune into my personal favourite ‘Get It On’ and you’ll get flashbacks to watching the sun melting down in a field somewhere with all your mates, sipping on a tinny and being silly. Also Pre-order his debut album ‘Jerk At The End Of The Line’ out 30th March 2015: onlyrealreal.com/

Guilty Pleasure: Boney M- Daddy Cool 

Now if you need a way of bonding with your parents, put some jammin disco tunes on and watch your dad show you ‘the moves.’ My dad introduced me to KC & The Sunshine Band and it was one of the most hilarious yet eye opening experiences. The only way I can describe this type of music is pure and utter FUNK.

I have to admit I am a disco lover, I wish I was around back then just so I could see everyone properly go to town and bust some moves on the dance floor. Now if you haven’t heard of Boney M then you are in for a very pleasant surprise if anything’s gonna put a smile on your face, a good soul or disco tune will. This is one of the most renowned and famous disco tunes of all time and a complete and utter classic. So throw on an afro (lucky for me I already have one) and get those hips thrusting.


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