Kickstart your Monday!

Now everyone gets those monday blues, when you’re feeling pretty shit and you just want the day to be over. But don’t throw away a perfectly good day, here’s a nice easy way to start your monday and give it a positive edge.

1. If you’re in London, we’re already off to a great start as the sun is shining today.

2. Have a shower, wash your hair and make yourself smell fab. Being clean and fresh will instantly make you feel great.

3. Make yourself the perfect cup of tea. Not too much milk but not too little, and if you have some nice tea bags then use them today, you deserve it.

4. Put on your favourite song. LOUD. On a sunny day mine has to be ‘London Sunshine’ by Gentleman’s Dub Club or ‘Put That Soul on Me’ by Rag N Bone Man.

5. Go and sit near a window where you can get maximum amount of sunshine on your face. Close your eyes, soak up those sunny rays, listen to the lyrics and drink your cuppa. But don’t drink tea with your eyes closed as you may burn yourself and that won’t be so much fun.

6. Put your phone down and just have a moment to yourself.

7. Have a Happy Monday and stay positive!

(For a free download of ‘London Sunshine’ go here:

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