So you like House Music….?

Liking the propellor hat? I thought so. Ever wondered how the music we listen to today evolved from when our parents boogyed on down to disco classics? Have you ever wondered about where these rebellious genres of music and funky festivals came from?

House music in particular is making a massive come back as all of you young things probably know. Sadly we now have this new type of specie at underground nights; ‘The fist-pumping, foot shuffling Essex boy’ that loves ‘Deeeeeeep Hooouse.’ I thought it would be interesting to do a bit of research into how all theseĀ genres of music came about.

I always thought it was Acid House and Funky House that gave birth to rest of underground music genres, BUT after watching the movie ‘Northern Soul’ I learn’t about a pretty cool thing, the Northern Soul movement!

I hope you guys liked my video, as you know I can’t film at all so half my face is chopped off so yeah apologies. Anyway I hope you are now trying out some Northern Soul dancing for yourselves! Please have a listen to a few tracks and see if there’s a Northern Soul night somewhere near you. Check out this BBC Documentary that will give you all the proper facts and figures I may have got wrong. OOPS.

Something funny to leave you with, here is a wonderful parody giving you a prime example of the ‘fist-pumping Essex boy specie,’ if you see one shuffling away in a night club just smack him.

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