If you have a spare afternoon in London Town…

I had the beauty of a free couple of hours in North London last friday as I arrived crazy early for a job interview. I walked from Old Street tube station to Hoxton and saw the most beautiful street art, little coffee shops, bars, restaurants and canal boats on the river. The sun was streaming down onto my face, that type of wintery sun that warms your bones, and I realised just how blessed I was to live in London.

You don’t need a ton of money at all to enjoy yourself, if the weathers good this is definitely a fab way to spend an afternoon. The streets I walked through had such a colourful vibe to them especially with this insane street art. But it wasn’t just the art, North London just has this feel to it, like your about to find a hidden gem down some odd-looking side road. Each corner I turned down the buildings were so different and unique, what was most beautiful thing is the variety of the people, from all different walks of life all hanging out together.

Hoxton Street Art

I stopped by the canal and went into a tiny little coffee shop called ‘By the Bridge,’ that only had three little tables, but it was perfect. And it had this showstopping street art on the wall outside it! I had the creamiest chai latte I’ve ever had and looked out the window at the canal boats going by in the sunshine. I don’t know if I was just in a chilled out mood but everyone around me seemed to be  just as relaxed as me and a rare breed of a smiling Londoner.

That afternoon, I felt very lucky to be alive, basking in the winter’s sun and in such an awesome place, bursting with so much culture and difference.

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