Want some Tunes?

http://www.factmag.com/2014/07/09/new-era-flava-d-interviewed/ Photo by: James Gould

Hey There!

Here’s my tunes of the week, my lovely little mix up of track of the week, artist of the week and my guilty pleasure.

So relax, enjoy the sunshine, put your feet up, crack open a Corona and crank up the volume.

Track of the Week: Only Girl- Feel it (JM∆C Remix)

This is simple chill out music at its finest. Only Girl has a voice that just suits this remix so well, the combination of her beautiful female vocal’s mixed with the gentle dubstep/chillstep vibe that JM∆C brings to the track, allows you to really melt into the track. It has elements of progressive house, once again that sunny Kygo style that lifts you instantly. But with the dubstep beat to it, you have a whole funky new edge to chill out music. Definitely a track I can recommend snoozing in the sun to!

Artist of the Week: Flava D 

Flava D is my female Producer/Mixing inspiration! Her style has to be funky-ass bass-booming Garage and Grime. She is insanely talented and looks effortlessly cool live, if she is coming to a venue near you I assure you, you will not be let down. I had the pleasure of seeing her first at Vagabondz New Years party at The Oval Space in Bethnal Green, I had never heard of her and was lagging by 3am but the energy of her mixing gets you right back on the dance floor! Her style is very bass heavy, with sneaky drops round every corner this can be seen very obviously in her own tracks. My favourite of her own tracks is ‘He Loves Me’ this is instant downloader, it comes in slowly as your average House/Garage track and then you’re hit with some classic 90s Garage vocals with a new edge beat. Flava D incoporates classic elements of Garage with her own unique twist, she is definitely one to watch. WARNING: This is definitely not relaxing music, strictly naughty night time.

Guilty Pleasure: Lighthouse Family- Lifted 

I know, I know this is incredibly random, but it just works wonders for your mood. Lighthouse Family is very much parent music but this music was created using only the good, happy notes. If you think you may have crawled out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning, put this song on and all your troubles will very quickly fade away! Soulful and full of sunshine, an instant lifter.

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