12 Signs you might be a Creative Genius

My dog is not a creative genius I know he is just a bit special. But this post is for all those people that think they maybe slightly mad but also full of creativity, fab ideas and drive!

1. No one who invented anything worthwile was sane. I mean look at Back to the Future, Doc invented a time machine and he is off his bloody rocker. No but seriously, if you are thinking of the totally unique, out of the box ideas it means you are looking at things from a different angle to others. You have to believe in your own ideas and goals in order for them to work. Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, their companies started off as nothing more than an idea.

2. If you are thinking of 5 things at once it just proves how well you can multi-task.

3. If you are the LOUD friend that is completely fine, it just means you a very excitable and have lots of ideas you want to share with everyone.

4. If you do a ‘Celebratory Dance’ when you get something right (don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean) that is totally fine. It might not be the whole funky chicken routine with cries of ‘ohhh yeahh’ but if you have a celebratory head bobble or bum wiggle, just let yourself go.

5. Drinking Tea is proven to soothe and relax your body and mind thus helping with problem solving and working, and the average Britonian drinks 3 cups a day. I am on 5 but that’s fine just make sure you aren’t drinking 12 as it gave a lady brittle bones and we don’t want that to be happening.

6. Being around other creative and rather eccentric people is fantastic for your mind. Bouncing back, new innovative ideas is how your own ideas can start to grow into a reality. It was two young graduates, Larry Page 23 and Sergey Brin 24 that created Google together from nothing more than an idea. They also tried to sell Google early on for just $1 Million and no one wanted to buy it! Thank goodness because it is now worth more than $380 Billion. Definitely missed out on a bargain.

7. Amazon, Google, Disney and Apple all started out in a Garage. So if you can’t afford an office space for your fab new company, just make space between the lawn mower and your old rollerblades. If that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is.

8. Talking about Poo and Sex is absolutely fine (this isn’t really to do with being a creative genius but just some reassurance) because those are the two most interesting topics to discuss, and don’t lie to me I know you have a fantastic story for Poo and one for Sex. You are guaranteed in for a good chuckle but maybe keep these topics for your pals and not work colleagues. And wait until you are past the 6 month period before you start discussing Poo with your boyfriend.

9. It is proven that walking and being in natural sunlight can spur on creativity. So take a stroll in the sun before a day of work and you maybe pleasantly surprised.

10. If you worry that’s okay, everyone has doubts once in a while but believe in your own ideas and yourself, because if you don’t you can’t expect others too. And DON’T whatever you do google your creative thinking habits as it will probably tell you, you are pregnant or completely lost your marbles. Googling anything you worry about is just the worst path to go down as it will make you panic so much more. If you are poorly go to the doctor don’t google it. Sorry Larry and Sergey.

11. Listening to music is proven to stimulate brain activity and it makes you feel good. In a recent study, it was proven that listening to music has a much better effect mentally, over taking anti-anxiety drugs before surgery. So if something is playing on your mind, put your favourite tune on, lie down on your bed and just relax.

12. Have faith in yourself and never be embarrassed for being who you are. You are a wonderful, totally unique, human being and there is no one quite like you on this planet. So delve into your creative mind and make the most of your day!

I am going to leave you with some inspiration from a pretty awesome guy, he calls himself Prince Ea. You may remember him from his spoken word video, ‘Can we Auto-Correct Humanity?’ I know the titles to his videos are a bit heavy-going but the stuff he says is really inspirational especially for young people today. And I am definitely up for more young people watching this than some twerk video or DJ Speedo Shy and Disco Boy raving it up in Asda.

Okay fine, here is DJ Speedo Shy and Disco Boy in Asda.

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