How to Treat your Mum on Mother’s Day!

Right first thing’s first don’t be hungover. If you are hanging out your arse then just have some vitamin C, a pro plus and some ibuprofen and stop feeling sorry for yourself. We never give our mumma’s enough credit, when really they are bloody fabulous.

Mum keeps asking me to take the bins out, do the dishwasher and wash up and I’m like its not my job, but then I think actually it isn’t really mums either she didn’t sign up for it when she gave birth to me and my brother she just does it because nobody else does. And then I felt really bad so this mother’s day help your poor momma out, she probably doesn’t care about flowers, chocolates or cards all she wants is a very well deserved day off and a rest. So don’t start whining about having to cook or clean or tidy up just appreciate that your mum does that everyday without ranting about it.

Secondly when you write her card don’t start with ‘I’m sorry for breaking the window, or drinking your very expensive bottle of red.’ Your poor mum probably doesn’t want to be reminded of everytime you were a shit. Mum’s love personalised cards and if you make it, it shows you have put some effort in and if you add your own photos it will definitely make her smile.

Lastly, if your doing something to help out then why not cook her something nice. You can’t go wrong with a lovely sunday roast, always a crowd pleaser. Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding has to be everyones favourite, and if it tastes awful just give your mum plenty of booze and hopefully she won’t know any difference. If you are cooking, all the BBC recipes are super easy to follow and always worked when I have tried them out.

Here are recipes for Roast Beef, Lamb and Salmon:

Here are some dessert recipes for Chocolate Mousse, St. Clements pie and Sticky Toffee Tarts:

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