Tube Etiquette. Listen up Tourists.

Travelling in London at rush hour is a dangerous time for anyone, a large amount of negativity is in the air. Everyone wants to get to work before they get a bollocking or home to wine, food and bed. It is important you do remember these words of advice, as if not you will be getting an extreme amount of stern looks from London’s workers.

Nothing in the world is more frustrating than when you are late for work, shoving past a mass amount of people at rush hour to get off the Victoria Line at Oxford Circus. And all you can hear is people shouting,’ How do we get to the red line?!’ I’m sorry the red line? It’s the bloody Central line.

If I can give any advice to any tourists or people that are a bit wobbly on the tube, just don’t even think of getting London transport at rush hour. You have to have the right knack to even think of tackling it. I am unlucky enough to be experiencing the rush hour pain this week and it is truly horrible. There is nothing I despise more than been shoved up against a pole all the way from Wimbledon to Vauxhall surrounded by probably the biggest pack of grumpy people. You can almost hear everyone’s thoughts around you, ‘Oh God, another day of work.’ Or ‘I know I am shoving into the person infront of me but don’t fucking shove into the back of me.’  For some reason even though we are wedged up against the poor person infront of us we somehow feel that we are being completely hard done by with the arsehole behind us having their bag digging into your back. It is quite hilarious to watch as we all do this and we then constantly dart back glances to the person behind us to simply imply ‘You are seriously pissing me off.’

Now the tube is slightly more difficult to handle in the mornings as they are smaller than trains so less space, and in order to reserve yourself a place on the next tube you have to stand right over the yellow line and at the edge of the platform. Everyday this week I am having visions of accidently being pushed on the tracks and it scares the shit out of me. On the tube you are quite frankly a complete arsehole if you don’t let people off before you get on so make sure you obey this rule. But you have to be very nifty about getting on quickly, also you want to make sure you stand up against the side of the door this allows you maximum amount of spacing standing and easy access to get off. PLEASE NOTE: you do not want to be in the middle of the carriage standing up at rush hour, it is bloody hard to try and surge through all the people at your stop. Another very important rule of rush hour on the tube, make sure if you are standing on the escalator, you stay on the right hand side and keep your bags in, as some poor sod is half an hour late for work already and is sprinting up the left-hand side. You will be getting a serious telling off by anyone you are standing in the way of, so definitely take note of this rule.

I wish you the best of luck on your adventures through rush hour. And I very much hope no one steps on your toes.

Have a fab weekend!

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