Tune Time!

Image from pidegonsandplanes.com (http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2014/07/download-the-weeknds-new-song-king-of-the-fall/)

Track of the Week: Laibert- Let It Feel Alright 

I listened to this track at work today and just couldn’t stop boogying at my desk so knew I was onto a winner. It’s a funky 90’s style track with a wicked house beat,  if this doesn’t get you excited for the weekend and sunshine then I don’t know what will. The groovy vocals produced perfectly by 19 year-old star, Laibert will immediately lift you and make any groggy morning so much better! Watch this space, this kid is mighty awesome.

Artist of the Week: The Weeknd

The main man behind it all is the Canadian, Dark R&B star with a twist; Abel Tesfaye. He re-creates a whole new element to R&B with a sexy edge of Soul and Hip-Hop to create something incredibly pleasurable to the ear. My favourite weeknd track is ‘Often’ but the Kygo Remix, its so smooth and easy, but has that catchy, uplifting Kygo beat to it. I am not usually a R&B kinda gal but his voice is diamond. Although I am very much NOT a fan of his other track ‘Earned It’ (on the Fifty Shades soundtrack) the production is pants and definitely hasn’t got enough tasty Soul.  I highly recommend ‘Wanderlust (Snakehips remix)’ another beautiful track but a bit more of a funky getting ready tune and will get you in the mooooood to go out.

Guilty Pleasure- Cornership- Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim Remix) 

Now this is not really a guilty pleasure, more a complete GOLDEN TUNE. But I have been jamming to this a lot this week and I feel we should all enjoy it together as it is just so fab. As soon as this plays I have flashbacks of singing along to this in my dad’s car on the way back from swimming on a saturday (my dad has top taste in tunes and I can’t thank him enough) and it just makes me smile. It is a song we immediately recognise as soon as those first few chords come in, so much nostalgia! Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim remix rings true to my ears, If anyone is the Don of 90s tunes it is Fatboy Slim completely re-working such catchy funky tracks that you can’t help but fall in love with them. The amount of genres that man covers through his work from Alternative Rock to Acid House, Nu-Funk, Big Beat and Electronic!

Blast this out as loud as you can!

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