Lets overcome selfishness with the selflessness

Everyday millions of people wake up every morning and repeat the same routine that has been created for them to just earn materials, to earn pieces of paper and to become what society tells you is success. I understand that we need to survive through earning money and drive ourselves, but that is not success in my eyes.

On my way to work I walk past hundreds of people on train platforms, through tube tunnels, and the busy streets of Central London. So rarely does anyone smile to each other,  even offer a seat to an elderly person or give spare change to a homeless person.

For me success has always been love.

To care, to be there for others, whether you know them or not. Whether they fucked you over, betrayed you and stamped all over your heart, forgive no matter what. Because bitterness will eat you up inside, you must beat negativity with positivity.

To forgive someone and to show him or her compassion is the bravest thing any human can do.

We are all human beings, we all have souls and hearts, no matter what personality you have, what race or age you are, if you are religious or not, we are the same.

So please be there for others, help and give everything you can, to people that need it because what if one day, you need help. What if someone you truly love is crying out for help and another person just walk’s on by.

There is a reason why your whole body feel’s like its glowing, when you help another and show them compassion. Because knowing that you helped and felt for another is worth more than any selfish acts, money or object.

I feel that deeply that what affects each of us, and plays a key part in our lives, are feelings and our human emotions. They control every single one of us, whether you accept it or not.

They are terrifyingly intense but they are beautifully powerful.

In no way am I saying that I am perfect, I have a huge amount of faults of my own. But one thing I will always stand by is to never stop being kind, and open up to people, no matter how many times I get let down. I will never stop caring or loving.

I will never stop forgiving, no matter what.

Lets overcome selfishness with the selflessness.

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