The Lone Wanderer- The struggles of travelling alone

Travelling alone can test you in the most challenging but beautiful ways. It makes you learn to be at peace with yourself, to grow in confidence and understanding, of not just yourself but of others as well. It’s truly an incredible life lesson, the opportunity to explore hidden gems, cultures and new experiences from all over this amazing planet.

But to solely travel can at times be lonely, so hands up if you can relate to these struggles….


  • Safety– As a girl travelling alone it can be scary, at night in a strange city it’s not a good idea to be walking around on your own. I am a feisty little one, but when you have no one to call or to rely on in that country it can be scary. It’s a good idea to travel in groups especially in Southeast Asia or South America.
  • The Double Check– When you fuck up, you only have yourself to blame. There are times when an extra pair of eyes, for map-reading, flight times and hostel bookings could have stopped me from making stupid errors.
  • Toilets– When you have a 20kg backpack and you are alone and you need a wee. I got stuck in a toilet cubicle in Bali and it was horrendous. Just me, my massive rucksack and a suitcase, attempting to wee. You take for granted having someone to keep an eye on your stuff, trust me.
  • Suncream– Patchy back tans have become all too familiar for me. You look a bit weird slapping at the top of your back, attempting to suncream yourself.
  • Dinner for One– Now I’ve got over the fear of eating alone, and I actually really enjoy it. I always try and find the most picturesque hidden gems to eat at, even if its full of couples, don’t be afraid to go in. I take my kindle and order a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc and I’m sorted. There is something very peaceful and serene about eating alone but sometimes I wish I could have shared those memories with someone.
  • Planes– I have taken many flights alone and they are emotional and tiring, the only good thing is the free booze. After saying goodbye to my family after just two short weeks together. I boarded a plane back to Australia, I was sat next to what looked like an enormous rugby player, and I just weeped for about an hour or two after having an emotional family goodbye. It had to be one of the most awkward journeys of my life, as I was stuck next to this poor guy for 7 more hours.
  • Saying Goodbye– Goodbye, probably the hardest word in the english language and the worst part about travelling. You meet so many incredibly diverse and wonderful people, some that will be friends for life. You spend weeks or months in each others pockets, experiencing adventures you never thought you would have in your wildest dreams. And in a flash your friend is gone, on another adventure. And you are left feeling more alone than ever. But remember they’ll be another friendship just round the corner.


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