Teaching in Africa: Discovering Soweto’s Stars

Volunteering and teaching was always something I dreamed of doing.

17190458_10158196571025562_1057930189810663135_n (1)

After researching and finding the Hero Holidays programme based in Soweto, I felt I had stumbled across the perfect voluntary programme for me. One that incorporated experiencing the true spirit and arts culture of Soweto as well as providing the opportunity to learn and teach to a wide variety of ages. Spending half the day at a beautiful little primary school and the other half at the only arts programme in Soweto, that combined dance, visual art and music. Being a dancer and actress myself it felt like the perfect place to help out and get some valuable lessons myself!

To be given the opportunity to do that in Nelson Mandela’s hometown was a real dream come true. Never have I ever experienced a place more colourful, alive and full of sunshine. The rays of beauty and happiness that flooded from not only the African sky but every beautiful child I met, has well and truly changed my life forever. And boy can these kids dance, sing, laugh and know how to live.

17264889_10158241884860562_7251179024687614701_n (1)

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