Rinse FM, Dalston Roof Party featuring Fabio & Grooverider, Matt Jam Lamont, The Menendez Brothers, Loefah and DJ Neptizzle

The sun was setting on a pretty sweet afternoon in Dalston, jumping on the tube after a busy day at work had never felt so good when I knew I had a Rinse FM roof party to go to. The queue was already round the corner by 7pm, it was clear that everyone was incredibly hyped for this incredibly lively lineup.


Rooftop parties are the feel of London in summer, Dalston Roof Top wasn’t one I had visited before but with a great little BBQ set-up, and some super funky light up stools (courtesy of bumble), funky floral garlands and views of the great East of London. I thought there are far worse places to be on a thursday evening.


Thursday was definitely the new friday when this lineup was involved. The Menendez  Brothers funked it up with an incredible house set. Never have I ever seen them play a set that didn’t get the crowd pumping. And with them on the decks the dance floor was quickly getting packed out and everyone was grooving away. They are by far my favourite twinning DJ duo. A great warm up for some incredible old school garage by the one and only Matt Jam Lamont.


After a few rum and ginger beers I was getting into the groove, when Mr Lamont dropped Gabriel by Roy Davis Jr, the sunniest of vibes was blasting through the Rinse Fm airwaves.

When Fabio and Grooverider stepped onto the decks all my drum and bass needs were fulfilled. They were bringing back all those insane 90s classics, playing tune after tune of true old school D&B. My bass face was on and the crowd had definitely forgotten they had to go to work tomorrow. As the tunes died down at 11:30pm no one wanted to leave, most of all me. If you get the chance to head down next thursday don’t forget to register at http://rinse.fm/dalston-roof-party/.

It’s a thursday not to miss out on for sure. 


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