It’s Red Nose Day!

I know, I know I don’t have a red nose on but I bought a pretty snazzy Red Nose Day T-Shirt and the money does go to charity! I couldn’t find a red nose in town just shows how charitable Wimbledon is. Bloody Awful. Anyways, when you were a kiddy, I remember Red Nose Day being one of the best days at school! Always dressing up in all red clothes, loads of baking and we got to stay up late and watch TV! But not forgetting the wonderful reason we do it, to help other people less fortunate than ourselves.

What I like about Red Nose Day is the way that it taught children, (like myself when I was little) about how your money can really help others, and directly teach you about the awful conditions other human beings have to live with. When you were little how many times did your parents make you eat all your dinner and say ‘There are kids starving in Africa!’ Well through Red Nose Day and Children in Need, kids and adults are able to learn about the great needs that others have just for food, medical care and water. Red Nose Day is a platform especially for kids to learn in a fun and interesting way, but most importantly it shows you how easily you can make a difference. There are so many fantastic ways you can raise money for Red Nose Day, here are a few fun ideas!

Yesterday I watched an amazing documentary about how Lenny Henry managed to rebuild a clinic in Uganda in just 30 days, it is now safe, has electricity and running water and all the right medical equipment. When he first got there, there was no electricity and the midwife had to deliver babies in the dark. Can you imagine how difficult that must be?! If you get the chance to watch it on iplayer I highly recommend it and please check out all the other fun things they have instore for tonight.

So why not invite all your pals round tonight, drink lots of red wine, eat lots of red velvet cupcakes and watch Red Nose Day!

If you would like to donate you can here:

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